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SPM Probes

MikroMasch SPM Tips

A.P.E. Research is official OEM distributor for AFM probes by MikroMasch.

The probe is a key part of any AFM experiment. Depending on the properties of your sample and imaging conditions you need to select the appropriate probe. Basic techniques and recommended types of cantilevers for different SPM applications are described at MikroMasch website.

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Lovalite Optical Probes

A.P.E. Research is official OEM distributor for SNOM probes by Lovalite.

Since the tip is a crucial component in any near-field scanning probe optical microscope, we distribute probes from a leading-edge company: Lovalite

A range of performant products that allows you to access to the NanoWorld!

Find more at Lovalite site

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