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Integrated Scanning Micro RAMAN System

Download the High Resolution Scanning Micro Raman Brochure.

 Raman  Raman

The APE Scanning Micro-Raman integrated system is easy to use and reliable for routine Raman microscopy applications, ideal for various academic, research, and industrial laboratory applications. The typical applications are microscopic material characterization, pharmaceutical analysis, forensic identification, medical and academic research.

The system is provided with an in-build optical set-up allowing the use in Raman reflection mode. The motorized XY stage allows the acquisition of Raman maps with high spatial resolution; the silent stepper motors provide smooth sample movement with step size of as little as 200 nm.

A.P.E.Research can customize the system as per specific customer's requests.

Download the used High Performance Detector Brochure.


Download the Brochure.

MAP3D–25 Scan Profilometer is a semi–automatic instrument which gives profile data of a sample detecting the vertical detection of a stylus in contact with the sample which is moved horizontally across the sample surface.

HV Amplifier

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IV PreAmplifier

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Nano Slider

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Piezo Manipulator

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