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Atomic Force Microscope

A100 AFM
Key features:

  • Robust and reliable operation high-end research Scanning Probe Microscope
  • Monoatomic step resolution even with 100 x 100 μm scanner
  • High accuracy in repositioning over all scanning range with no border distortion
  • High Sensitivity for low force measurements
  • Best for soft materials
  • Modular structure capable to provide different scanning probe modes. The system can be upgrade with different new modules.
Working modes:

A100 supports major SPM scanning techniques1: Contact AFM mode, Non-contact mode, Semi-contact mode, Phase Imaging, Force Modulation, Lateral Force Microscopy, Force Curves Analysis, Electric properties, Magnetic Force Microscopy , STM, etc.

NEW A100 PLUS features

A100 PLUS AFM is a new versatile high resolution atomic force microscope suitable for a wide range of applications including materials science, semiconductor technology, optoelectronic, chemistry, bioscience and medicine. A100 PLUS AFM is equipped with new electronic modules, specially designed to perform a wide range of advanced electrical measurements (Electrostatic Force Microscopy, Kelvin Probe Mode, Piezo Force Microscopy, Conductive …), which allow to map the electrical properties of the sample such as electrical potential distribution, charge propagation, contact potential difference, sample piezoelectric response, etc.
1 : Included by way of example
A100 AFM
Technical Specifications